Automotive Lightroom Preset Pack

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A collection of my best Lightroom Presets that I use on a daily basis to take my automotive images to the next level.

These presets are designed to transform your images in one click for all kinds of shooting scenarios including Indoor, Night-time, Sunset, and Nature, without having to spend wasteful time colour grading your photos.

What’s included?

  • 16 stylised presets
  • 16 RAW images for you to practice with

A 10-minute online video detailing:

  • How to install the presets onto both desktop and mobile platforms
  • My personal colour grading workflow
  • How I use masking with my photos
  • Extra tips and tricks I use to make my photos stand out!

Please note

I believe these presets are really useful and will be worth your money. I use them every day editing all my photos but please make sure the product is right for you. The product is digital and is delivered via internet download meaning it is non-returnable and refunds aren’t offered.

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This is a digital product and is delivered via internet download meaning it is non-returnable and refunds are not offered.

Last updated Feb 5, 2024

16 automotive photography specific presets compatible with all versions of Lightroom across devices to assist you with levelling up you car photography.

16 Lightroom presets
Lightroom Mobile and Desktop
16 DNG files for mobile editing setup
Lightroom Mobile
16 RAW car images
Original image files for you to practice with
10-minute video installation guide and editing tutorial
Exclusive tutorial with tips & tricks about how I edit


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Automotive Lightroom Preset Pack

10 ratings
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